Charm City LGBTQ Festival

COFAC and Towson University are co-sponsopring the 2nd Annual Charm City LGBTQ Festival at Creative Alliance, June 6-9.  For more info see

 The Charm City LGBT Film Festival is back and the movies are better than ever! Our second annual festival brings to Baltimore seven feature films celebrating queer lives, offering insight into civil rights issues and reveling in gay pride. These films, at turns hilarious, riveting, heart breaking and sexy, will delight and enlighten, no matter where you fall on the Kinsey scale!

Each film $12, members $7. 

Weekend pass $60, $35 mbrs. Call 410-276-1651 for passes.


Thu June 6


Celluloid Closet LGBT Film Fest Gayla & Kick-Off Performance

We kick off our LGBT Film Fest with some raucously fun performance. With classical piano skills, Phyllis Diller onstage antics and awesome songwriting Sabrina Chap headlines. Charm City Kitty Club Players open. Other special guests TBA! 8pm, $15, $10 mbrs, stus.


Fri June 7


Cloudburst (Thom Fitzgerald, 2011, Canada)

Stella’s love of 31 years is Dot. When Dot’s granddaughter finagles a way to commit her to a nursing home, Stella hatches a plan to rescue Dot and run to Canada so that they can be legally married


I Am Divine! (Jeffrey Schwarz, 2013, USA)

I Am Divine celebrates Baltimore’s own Harris Glenn Milstead, aka Divine. Working with John Waters, his director and good friend, Glenn went from the often-mocked, schoolyard fat kid to underdog royalty. Hosted by Joshua Grannell aka Peaches Christ


Sat June 8


FREE! Difficult Love (Zahele Muholi & Peter Goldsmid, 2010, South Africa)

Powerful vignettes of the difficult lives and loves of lesbians in contemporary South Africa, one of the most homophobic nations on earth, despite gay rights being enshrined in its constitution. Preceded by Tsuyako (Mitsuyo Miyazaki, 2011, Japan and USA, 25 min.), a beautifully created narrative of love and honor set in post-war Japan. Both film and short are free!


Stud Life (Campbell X, 2012, UK)

Hot butches and beautiful femmes introduce us to London’s “stud” club subculture. JJ, a lesbian, and Steb, a gay man, are devoted companions in the all-too-familiar quest for true love. Their friendship is tested when JJ meets the alluring Elle


Love or Whatever (Rosser Goodman, 2012, USA)

Corey is an uptight therapist whose perfect life unravels when his boyfriend leaves him for a woman.  Enter Pete. Gorgeous, sweet, and manly-sensitive. Of course, Corey screws it up, and has to decide if he will spend his days planning the perfect life or if he will take a chance on living the perfect day and the next and the next.


Sun June 9


TRANS (Chris Arnold, 2012, USA)

Trans recounts the incredible transformation of sever-year-old Danon, a confident, loveable transgendered little girl. Parents, grandparents, siblings, and courageous individuals speak about the journey with her.



Elliot Loves (Terracino, 2011, USA)

This delightful film chronicles the life of Elliot, a smart, irresistibly cute Dominican kid as he transitions from boy to man. In flashbacks that work beautifully through a tightly woven story, Terracino’s story is sincere and full of hope as Elliot, the man, navigates the familiar themes of family loyalty, the quest for love, and the bittersweet heartbreak of coming of age.


3134 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore MD 21224  410 276 1651



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